Police Policy & Procedure

Develop department-specific policy and procedure while adhering to NYS DCJS Accreditation Standards.

Maintaining up-to-date Police Policy and Procedure is a challenge that every police department faces.

To keep pace with the constant evolution of policing, many departments issue guidance on new policy and procedure in the form of “Directives” or “Orders.” This is an efficient way to keep their personnel informed on key matters but there comes a time where an agency must incorporate all these changes into their internal operating manuals.

Many police departments have sought out the guidance of large-scale law enforcement consulting companies that have developed generically vague policies and procedures that the contracted department must conform to. If the contracted police department attempts to mold the company’s policy to fit their specific needs, then the consulting company may not provide revisions to the policy in the future. This forces many contracted departments to conform to the generic policy to justify their financial commitment to the consulting company.

We feel it is more important to develop department-specific policies and procedures while adhering to NYS DCJS Accreditation Standards.

Our company offers the following options relative to Police Policy & Procedure:

  • Specific Policy or Procedure guidance
  • Department Policy & Procedure review
  • Department Policy & Procedure revision/development
  • Use of Force Policy creation or review
  • Training mandates (DCJS Accreditation compliant)

Getting Started