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Our staff is led by retired New York State Police Major Joseph Keane.

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Law Enforcement Consulting of New York, LLC provides assistance to police departments trying to keep up with the rapidly evolving Criminal Justice Reforms of today. And, as it is understood that many departments don’t have the funding available to hire a renowned national consulting service, we provide an economically viable alternative.

We only serve departments within the State of New York!

Joseph M. Keane

I retired from the New York State Police just 4 days before things started shutting down due to the Covid-19 pandemic. I had just completed 32 years of service and attained the rank of Major. I was the Planning & Research section head for the State Police and spent a tremendous amount of time preparing the State Police for the sweeping Criminal Justice Reforms. My section was responsible for policy and procedure development for the “Raise the Age” legislation, “Bail Reform,” “Use of Force Policy and Reporting,” and the “Discovery” mandates. While preparing the State Police for these changes, I was also aiding the Park Police with these same matters due to the anticipated announcement that they would soon fall under the State Police.

I possess an extensive background in police policy creation and revision. In 2008 I led a detail that completed a 1700+ page update to the State Police Field and Administrative Manuals. In my tenure as the Planning & Research section head, manual revisions and updates were a primary focus for my staff and many more were completed under my oversight than in previous years. I was also able to apply a much-desired search tool within the two publications and made other technological advances to increase user-friendliness. In addition to the Field and Administrative Manuals, I was involved in the revision of multiple editions of the agency’s Administrative Report Writing Manual and the Divisions Audit and Self-Assessment Manual. Upon creation of the Division’s Commercial Gaming Unit, I produced an Audit and Self-Assessment Manual specific to the entire State Police Gaming Unit.

20 years of my 32-year career were spent in positions that required conducting Personnel and Administrative investigations. These ranged from handling simple Troop car collisions or minor on-duty injury investigations as a Sergeant to the more serious Critical Incidents, Equal Employment Opportunity Complaints, and Criminal Complaints against sworn members or civilian staff as a Commissioned Officer. As difficult as the more serious investigations became, the more evident it was that all these incidents, regardless of their severity, needed to be investigated thoroughly and impartially.

During a two-year assignment to the Internal Affairs Bureau as a Captain, I was assigned to the “audit” side of the office (the other side was “investigations”). This assignment required continual operational and administrative assessments of the State Police facilities within the 14 counties of Troops B & G, Zone 2 of the Thruway (Kingston to Fulton), the State Police Academy, and all the Headquarter Units and Sections. I was also responsible for administering the Division’s Drug Testing Program for these same regions.

Upon retiring, I was immediately hired by the NYS Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation as an hourly part-time employee. In this position, I worked with a group from the Park Police that was updating their Manuals under the guidance of a national law enforcement consulting company. I have also completed a revision of the Park Police Administrative Report Writing Manual and will begin aiding them on their agency’s document retention policy.

I hold a B.S. in Criminal Justice from the State University College at Brockport and I’m also a graduate of the FBI National Academy (Class 239).

Joseph M. Keane
Joseph M. Keane - New York State Police Major (Ret.)

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