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Designed to enhance a police department’s service to its community by improving operational and administrative policies and procedures

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Law Enforcement Consulting of New York, LLC offers a wide spectrum of consultation on current law enforcement services and administration.

In light of recent events in the country regarding law enforcement, it is more important now than ever before that a department has the most up-to-date police policy, a training program that meets accreditation standards, and sound administrative oversight. If any one of the three is lacking or absent, the others will be rendered ineffective and the department will become vulnerable in many ways.

With our service, there is no need for your department to conform to a generic and vague policy.

We also have the ability to accommodate most any budget.

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Acknowledgment is also mentioned here with respect to the expertise, attention to detail, and assistance provided to the Town of Bolton by Mr. Joseph Keane in the preparation of this document.

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